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Fresh Produce & Reefer cargo Transport

EMT warehousing allows us to offer our customers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for their supply chains.  Our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletize, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. 

EMT will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but can also distribute your goods to all required destinations with an outstanding level of customer service and tailor-made, flexible solutions Our cargo storage solutions.

In addition to our many operational benefits, will also save you money through reduced inventory and lower container storage and demurrage costs. 

Main Features of our Storage and Warehousing Facilities : 

  • Storage yards in Merghem  area of  20000 square meters with stacking capacity of over 700 TEU. 
  • Possibility to connect 50 plugs / yard.
  • All yards equipped with modern reach stackers with 30 Tons lifting capacity.
  • PTI for reefer containers & gen-sets


Storage Yard

EMT’s 20000 m2 Storage Yard is suitable for storage of hazardous and flammable products. These products are accommodated in a safe and controlled environment.

EMT Storage Yard is equipped with suitable lifting equipment, to facilitate the rapid turn around time of ISO Tanks required today.