ISO tank cleaning services

EMT provides its customers with cost effective cleaning, repairing and depot services for ISO tank and tank trucks. Wash bays are available for internal and external cleaning with state of the art cleaning equipment and multiple spinners per bay. Automatically controlled systems make use of the reference chemicals data base to efficiently conduct cleaning operations.

  • Chemicals, High Pressure and High Temperature Steam Jets.
  • Cold or Hot Water, with or without detergents is used. Additionally we also can apply steam.
  • Specialized chemicals for cleaning of interior surface of the ISO Tank according to the nature of the product.
  • High pressure pumps ensure that the required pressure necessary to clean the ISO Tanks along with the chemical dosing has been attained.

Hot Water and Steam Generation Equipment

  • Softening Unit
  • Oil Based Heat Exchanger
  • Water Boiler

The cleaning water and chemicals mixture are introduced to the high-pressure rotor-jet-assembly attached to the cleaning hatch of the ISO Tank.

ISO tank testing & repair

EMT provides Pneumatic tests to pressures up to 1 bar (14 psi).


Up to date equipment for IBC cleaning operations is also available, enabling us to provide our customers with excellent and time effective service.